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She is the second Abyssinian I got. Because I took her from the same cattery as Wolverine, I got the possibility to choose her name by myself. Because I love Tolkien’s mythology, I gave her a name of the sun goddess, the fire spirit that never succumbed to the Melkor/Morgoth’s temptation.


Since her kittenhood, she was very dominant (maybe she knew that she would become the alpha cat in the future). When she met Wolverine for the first time, I heard hissing. It looked as Wolverine could do something wrong to the little one. But than I discovered that it was the little kitten, not the big cat, who was hissing so loadly. However, after a few days they slept together, eat together, played together as twins. Unfortunately for Wolvi, she pays more attention to Lórien now.


The professional photos were taken by Daniel Svatoš, you can easily recognize them from my blurred pictures.

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