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Older memories

I found a few older memories on my Facebook page.

A brand new asana made by Wolverine.

Abyssinian cat laying in his bed
zapletené nohy - detail
cat from behind, his head is down so it apears like headless

Hello earthlings! We are coming in "piece"!

25. 7. 2020 I wanted to train my cats a bit. I read a manual how to do it, I bought a clicker, prepared cat treats and was ready to start.


When Wolverine saw me standing up, he brought me a cat teaser immediatelly because he wanted to play. I *clicked* and said „Good boy!“ and gave him a treat. He stared at me like „Are you crazy? You did not step on me, nothing felt on me, and you are giving me a treat? Why?“


But Siamka came on very quickly because she loves treats and she is a queen-cat so she should always eat first. I gave her two treats as an apologize. Meanwhile, Wolverine brought me his toy again, to play with him.


Then we played – I threw the teaser and said „Come on, bring it to me… *click* Good boy, very good boy…“ I wanted to take the teaser from him but he held it very tight (as did I) and led me in bedroom, to play there (he loves to play there because he can jump very high in the bed). Siamka did not want to play but she wanted treats. All the treats in the world if possible.


So I played with Wolverine in the bed. He stood on his hind legs looking as surikata (what I wanted him to do), so I did *click* again and said „Good boy, and now bring me the teaser… But give it to me, let it go… Where are you leading me again?“ The cat did not let the teaser go until he brought me to another room again, to play there…


I do not know who trained whom today. But I better hid the clicker. I do not want my cats to use it on me next time.

14. 12. 2019 – Medical examination before Wolverine‘s castration.

One day, Wolverine started to show that he is adult. He already “said” it to many things – to chairs, to the cat wheel, to the cat tunnel, even to the sink in my kitchen… and also to the cat carrier. Unfortunately for me, I discovered this only at the moment when we had 5 minutes to leave to the veterinary. There was no time to clean the carrier more thoroughly, I was happy to be able to take the cat, put him in and close the bag before he runs away.


I catched the bus. It was full and my cat carrier was smelling. An old lady near me started to look around wrinking her nose. I better confessed to her that the scent is a tomcat „parfum“. To my amazement, she felt released. „It is so good. I was afraid that there was a homeless around. I love cats.“ I was happy that I did not go far.


I explained to the veterinary that I want to let my cat examinated, chipped and castrated as soon as possible. The doctor sniffed with understanding and took Wolverine to take his temperature. He was successful at the end, although the cat did everything to avoid the thermometer – he stood on his forelegs and turned his back 180 degrees. Then the blooc collection followed – the vet better called a nurse to help him. We tried to hold the cat with the nurse but it was not possible to take his blood, he was very supple and kept avoiding the needle all the time. We gave it up after five or more tries. Even the vaccinating injection had to be done two times because Wolverine was simply too agile and limber. The veterinary said that he would do the other blood collections and the chipping when the cat would be sedated before the castration.


When the doctor put away the syringe, Wolverine felt very relaxed, he was rolling on the table happily and let the nurse to pet with him.


It was very cold when we were going home so I had to put my coat on the smelling carrier. Fortunately, the bus was empty this time. But now I can say that even my coat knows that my cat is adult and I hope that the cleaners will be open tomorrow.

17. 8. 2019 "Welcoming rituals" of my animals are really varied. Siamka always waits behind the door, cuddles to me purring loadly and then she shows me her empty bowl. Wolverine also waits behind the door but he just greets me very shortly and goes to the cat toilet. I better do not want to think about what he tries to tell me with this.

25. 3. 2019 Wolverine can fetch very well. But he does not like to fetch anything small – he usually brings me his teaser (feather on a 40-50 cm long handle). And he does not give it to my hand but to my foot as if it were a palm. It is better than a physiotherapy.

15. 3. 2019 One morning, I wake up with a strange noise. I open my eyes and see the cat jumping up in the cupboard. Thinking about how clever he is I close my eyes and hear a heavier, aggresive noise. I open my eyes – the chandelier swings heavily and Wolverine sits on the floor, looking very surprised. I am happy that they both survived.

Abyssinian cat in a cabinet


I'm elected electric spy
I'm protected electric eye

Always in focus
You can't feel my stare
I zoom into you
You don't know I'm there


(song by Judas Priest)

blue cat's eye, detail
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