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I sawed her as around 5 months old kitten. There were people who wanted to take her so I did not want to determine her with real name (Siamka means Siamese). But the possible adoption was cancelled and moreover, she suddenly started to give birth after around two months. All her kittens were dead and she almost died during that, too. The first picture below has been taken one day before the birth – I had no idea where she was hiding the kittens. The second photo is after the birth, you can see that she wears a stylish cat-suit. After that, I was not able to give her to anyone.


Maybe because of her unpleasant younghood, she is a bit weird (but lovely). I have such feeling that she is afraid that I leave her again. She does not care about the other cats too much, she only hisses on them sometimes, when they get too close to her. But all my cats sleep in my bed, Siamka on one side and the Abyssinians together on the other side. And they all eat together without problems, too.


She loves me and food, exceptionally the food that I eat. Unfortunately, she has some health problems currently but I hope that she will be well. Anyway, she is still a beautiful, stylish blonde.


Last few shots were made by Daniel Svatoš, the low-quality photos were taken with my old camera or cellphone.

I'll leave her biography here for a while, she's not in pain anymore now. I bet that right now, she's stealing mana or ambrosia from the divine table and looking forward to licking the Milky Way tonight. If you look closely at the sky at night, you can see her eyes among the stars.

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