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After the death of my first two beloved cats in 2017 and 2018, I reasoned that I am too old for saving poor cats. But Siamka was very sad, she needed a cat company, as did I. So I decided to get a “branded” cat where I would have some kind of certainty that she/he would be healthy. I loved Abyssinias before and so I brought home Wolverine at the end of 2018.


His character amazed me – he is the kindnest cat I ever met or had. He is amiable, nice and very empathetic. But it does not mean that he is lazy or stupid – he was being (and is) very active from the beginning. Unfortunately, Siamka refused to play with him, pretending that she was “adult”. Wolvi understood this very soon but it meant that I had to play with him more than with any cat before. The cat wheel was the best gift for him, he was running in it all the time. I believe that he ran 1000 kilometers already. And he still loves it.


I was so enthused by him that I decided to get another Abyssinian (from the same cattery, to be sure that they would like each other). When I learned that a queen was born, I realized that I want to have a breeding queen. And so Arien came. Wolverine loves her right from the start. He practically raised her.


The nice pictures were taken by Daniel Svatoš, the less nice I did myself.

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