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From our diary

Here, I am going to write some funny stories about our cattery.

At the cat show in Kolín, Arien won the Best in Show prize and the last CAC certificate that was necessary for the Champion title.

4. 4. 2021 Yesterday, I bought greaves cakes as a snack for next day. Because Arien tried to inspect my bag, I carefully zipped it up. And in the morning, the zipper was opened and one cake „mysteriously“ vanished. Cats were walking around, looking very innocent. Maybe too innocent. I was afraid that Arien could feel bad but when I saw her trying to taste my coca-cola, I admitted that she was OK as always.


Buy cat grass for your cats, they said. It is good for health, they said.

a partially spilled flower pot and a cat next to it

8. 10. 2021 I was afraid how the cat’s hierarchy would look like after Lórien’s coming. For this reason, I kept saying to Arien and Wolverine, that they were gonna get a little cute kitten so they would play mom and dad to him.

But when the „little“ kitten came, he was almost as big as Arien. Wolverine sniffed him joyfully, showed him what to do and took care about him immediatelly.

Ari hissed at the newcomer a little bit first day, she did not care about him the second day and she started to cuddle to him the third day.

I was so happy to look at her tooking care about the kitten, hugging him, biting him…?! And then I realized that she was not taking care about a little kitten, she was tempting him! Such a pedophile cat!

Thanks to God, the kitten did not get what she was doing, he was just startled a little bit of so much care. After a few days, Arien calmed down so I hope that she will not get in heat again until the spring.

But they do everything together with Lórien – they play together, eat together, sleep together… Wolverine stays away a little, just watches them and helps if necessary. They all are really cute.

30. 10. 2021 I baked cakes for my friend’s wedding some time ago. Because there is a superstition that everyone who eats „corner“ cakes gets married in a year, I kept a few such cakes for another friend. Because I kept forgetting to bring them to her, I prepared them in my bag one evening, to not forget this time. And what do you think? The cakes disappeared in the morning, just a few crumbs left around. Now I can be sure that I am going to have a cat wedding. But in the spring, my dears, in the spring!

14. 11. 2021 I put new clean, fragrant sheets on my bed in the evening. Although, I had a bad dream – I saw a million cats puking and I had to clean it. I woke up from this nightmare and wondered why Siamka is licking my blanket… Oh my! But one puked cat is less than a million and my washing machine takes care about the blanket. The important thing is that I put new clean, fragrant sheets on my bed in the evening.

Feb 5, 2022 I heard a strange noise and discovered that the fridge was open, Siamka was trying to get in a package with salami and the Abyssinians pretended that they were just passing by. So I closed the fridge more carefully but the situation repeated after a few minutes. For the third time, I closed the fridge really, really, really carefully, Everything looked ok, no noise, the Abyssinians came to me after a short time, brought me toys and wanted to play and pet. But after some time, I started to miss Siamka because she is usually the first one who wants to pet. So I stood up and checked the fridge – it was open again with Siamka eating lots of salami and looking so much happy that I was not able to tell her anything wrong. Nevertheless, she left something for me – and it is good. But I secured the fridge with sticky tape for next time.

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