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Litter A

On July 20, Arien gave birth to quintuplets, four boys and one girl. They can go to their new homes at the beginning of November. You can find more photos on our Facebook pages.

If you are interested in one of these beautiful kittens, contact me by e-mail, please.

Alenka (already in a new home)

This little princess knows very well how to pretend to be innocent all the time.

Adam  (already in a new home)

Adam went to new home before Christmas. He is very happy there, it is seen from the last photo.

Albert  (already in a new home)

Bertie went to a new home in January 14th. We hope that he is happy there!

Arnold Eso Rimmer

Like his counterpart, Ace Rimmer, Arnie has such a strong charisma that even my cell phone fell in love with him and cannot focus him in most cases.

Artur Dent

Artur can purr very loadly. He is a really hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is!