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Our cats

Breeding cats

Abyssinian cat

Official name: Arien Alma Parens (queen)
Color: ruddy (Aby n)
Nickname: Ari, Don’t-Touch-It
Born: September 2020

Negatively tested: FIV, FeLV, PRA-rdAc, PK Def, patella luxation; blood type A

Abyssinian cat

Official name: Loki Alasseon (tomcat)
Color: ruddy (Aby n)
Nickname: Lórien, Lóló 

(I did not want to have Loki at home)
Born: June 2021

Negative tested on patella luxation, FIV, PKD, and FeLV

Other cats


Official name: Wolverine Alma Parens (gib)
Color: ruddy (Aby n)
Nickname: Wolvi, Darling
Born: September 2018

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